Lewis Hamilton VS Tiger Woods : Which athlete earns more in 2022?

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Woods

When it comes to their respective sports, it is safe to say that Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Woods have had an ever-lasting impact and have achieved the impossible. Lewis is a Formula One driver for Mercedes and has won 7 world championships in his career so far while Tiger Woods plays golf and has won a staggering 18 golf championships.

These stats that the two have accumulated are what have earned them the G.O.A.T title in their respective sports. When it comes to endorsement, both Lewis and Woods have done well in that sector. Woods has been with Nike since 1996 with whom he further renewed a deal for a reported $100m over a further five years. This further boosts the amount that he earns yearly.

The popularity and stardom Lewis Hamilton relishes make him the centrepiece of lots of multi-dollar brands. Having a keen interest his clothing and designing, Hamilton runs his own clothing line in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. The Brit is also a Monster Energy athlete which further brings him more income. But who amongst the two has a higher overall paycheck is what you may be guessing.

Tiger Woods earns MORE than Lewis Hamilton in 2022

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

To everyone’s surprise, Tiger Woods earns more money with his gold adventures compared to Lewis Hamilton who races a Formula 1 car around the world. Woods reportedly earns more than 50 million dollars every year compared to Lewis who earns 40 million dollars. This however does not include any bonuses that may have been discussed in each of their contracts.

Recently in an interview, Serena Williams took the names of both Hamilton and Woods on her list of G.O.A.T.s, with Woods earning a substantial amount from his endeavours every year as compared to Lewis. As an F1 fan, it really is mesmerising to see the comparison of salaries between these two athletes from completely different sports. Do you think Hamilton will ever get a salary higher than his current one if he wishes to continue in F1 and renews his contract?


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