Cowboys Ex Cedric Wilson a ‘Give-Away’ Trade for Dolphins; Does Dallas ‘Miss’ WR?

“I’m aware of this Cowboys ‘miss Cedric Wilson’ phenomenon. You want to pay $7 million APY for a nice guy who caught 12 passes all year? Send some Texas BBQ and a case of Shiner and the Dolphins will GIVE him to you.”
FRISCO – Right after the NFL Scouting Combine came the buzz: A Dallas Cowboys official, seemingly talking to a small gaggle of media people, mentioned that Cedric Wilson was “missed.”

We wrote at the time, after having checked in at both The Star in Frisco and at Wilson’s new team home in Miami (as he signed with the Dolphins a year ago), that the Dolphins would almost literally give him away in trade.
To Dallas. To anywhere.

How we phrased it exactly on March 14:

“I’m aware of this woeful Cowboys ‘miss Cedric Wilson’ phenomenon. You want to pay $7 million APY for a nice guy who caught 12 passes all year? Send some Texas BBQ and a case of Shiner and the Dolphins will GIVE him to you.”

But now here we are two weeks later. There is no indication that the Cowboys ever called Miami to offer them a case of Shiner, or anything else.

And yet we see reports that read like this: “There are growing talk of a significant wide receiver trade on Sunday afternoon. According to reports, the Miami Dolphins are open to a notable wide receiver move. Miami could be moving on from former wide receiver Cedric Wilson.”


“Could be open to trading”?

No, no, no.

We don’t mean this personally as it involves Wilson; he really was a good Dallas helper and can be that again. If that ends up being in a Cowboys uniform, obviously anybody in the building who “misses” him would like that.
But last spring, Wilson signed a three-year, $22 million contract with Miami after catching a career-high 45 passes for 602 yards and six TDs, and offering some highlight-reel stuff on trick plays.

And the Cowboys never blinked.

They were simply never going to give “a No. 4 receiver” $7 million per year … and they were a bit surprised that Miami did so.
In 2022, Wilson caught 12 passes for 136 yards and no TDs. And now, naturally, the Dolphins – who can carve out $7 million in cap savings by trading him (he’s got $5 million guaranteed on the books for this season) – want to give him away.

This is not a new idea for Miami. This is not a good idea for Dallas.

Cedric Wilson is a good teammate and is only 28. He will eventually help another team, if just a little bit. But he won’t likely be doing it while being paid $7 million a year.

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