Cowboys’ fanbase never shared national perception of Kellen Moore as OC, NFL analyst says

The former NFL player also talked about Cowboys’ new offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore paces the sideline during the second half...

NFL Insider Ross Tucker recently joined The K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] live from Super Bowl LVII Radio Row to talk Dallas Cowboys, fans’ feelings on former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and Micah Parsons rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are some highlights, edited for clarity:

Were you surprised that Cowboys fans had a negative view of Kellen Moore at the end of the season?

Ross Tucker: “The national perception … is that Kellen Moore did a fantastic job with the Dallas Cowboys offense this year. That they were very creative, he did an excellent job as a play caller, as a game planner, they were very often ahead of their opponents. I watched them score 40 points against the Philadelphia Eagles. They’re a pretty good team, if you haven’t heard. I mean all of the stats of what they scored, even with Cooper Rush, but all of the stats after Dak Prescott came back with all those interceptions, I had no idea that people in the Metroplex were down on Kellen. When did this start and why? I need an explanation, because Chargers fans are thrilled. The only people that don’t think Kellen Moore is a good coordinator is a percentage of the Cowboys fan base.

“I thought he did a really good job. I was stunned that that is how people felt. Although, I will say this … if your solution is always a new quarterback or new offensive coordinator, perhaps you’re not really thinking as deeply about it as you should. The answer is not always, ‘Get a new quarterback. Fire the offensive coordinator.’ Let’s say you got rid of Dak, who are you going to get to play quarterback? Who are you going to get that’s better than Dak? Why don’t you trade for Patrick Mahomes? Just trade for Mahomes. Secondly, if you’re going to move on from Kellen Moore like you did, are you sure?

“People felt the way they did about Kellen Moore. How do they feel about the answer to the question being Mike McCarthy?”

What about Brian Schottenheimer calling the plays? Or does he draw up plays, suggest them to Mike McCarthy but on game day it’s all on Mike McCarthy on how things function?

Tucker: “I actually like Schottenheimer. But, first of all, Schottenheimer was there this past year because I talked to him on the field before the Thanksgiving Day game because his dad was my coach my rookie year in Washington, 2001. Brian was our quarterback coach so I actually think Brian has gotten a raw deal. He was the offensive coordinator with the Jets when they got [Mark] Sanchez in the conference championship in back-to-back years. Then he goes to Seattle. Nobody meshed with Russell Wilson in Seattle, even when they were putting up numbers, even though they were winning playoff games, scoring a lot of points, in Seattle they just kept cycling through coordinators. Never Russell’s fault, it was always the coordinator. And then Jacksonville, that doesn’t even count. The Urban Myer year in Jacksonville doesn’t even count, so Schottenheimer, I think, for some reason, I think there’s a negative perception around him.”

What do you think of Micah Parsons rooting for the Eagles in the Super Bowl?

Tucker: “Micah is from where I live, Harrisburg, Pa., the state capitol. Most people in Harrisburg are Eagles fans. But I started seven games for the Cowboys and I was a huge Eagles fan growing up, although I never rooted for them because I was kind of bitter that they never wanted me. You know what I mean? I was kind of bitter like, they never wanted me? Now Micah, everybody wants Micah so that’s a little different. By the way, he’s not going to win Defensive Player of the Year Thursday night, but I wasn’t impressed with Nick Bosa. The Eagles beat him up on Sunday. He’s going to win the Defensive Player of the Year award, you look at a lot of his sacks and stuff, I don’t know. I still think a lot of coaches would rather take Micah than Nick Bosa or Haason Reddick had an unbelievable year. People don’t even know. How many Cowboys fans right now even know who Haason Reddick is?”

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