Cowboys part ways with OC Kellen Moore, QB coach Doug Nussmeier

Moore ran the Cowboys offense for four seasons.

FRISCO, Texas — The Dallas Cowboys have parted ways with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier, the team announced.

In a news release, the Cowboys said both the team and Moore agreed to mutually part ways, while Nussmeier would not be returning as his contract is up.

“After continuing through our end of season review process and having additional discussion, Kellen and the Cowboys reached a mutual decision to part ways. I want to thank Kellen for his deep commitment, hard work and dedication that were a core part of his time with the Cowboys,” head coach Mike McCarthy said in a statement. “The production of our offense and his mentorship of Dak were at the center of Kellen’s impact, and we are grateful for his tenure and leadership”

Head coach Mike McCarthy is reportedly expected to take over play-calling duties.

Moore first joined the Cowboys as a backup quarterback in 2015. After retiring in 2018, he became the team’s quarterbacks coach that same year.

Moore went on to run the Dallas offense for four seasons from 2019 to 2022.

He led the Cowboys to fourth in the league in scoring during the 2022 regular season and first in scoring in 2021.

The Cowboys’ coaching change comes after a disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round of the playoffs last week. The offense only scored 12 points, following a 31-point outing against Tampa Bay in the wild card round.

Dallas also lost to the 49ers in the wild card round of last season’s playoffs.

Despite two straight seasons with a 12-5 record, the Cowboys have struggled to take the next step in the playoffs, failing to reach the conference championship game.

Since becoming the offense coordinator and leading a high-powered Cowboys group, Moore had also garnered interest from other teams for open head coaching positions.

Moore had recently interviewed for the Carolina Panthers’ head coaching spot. The Panthers, however, went with former Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich.

Nussmeier joined the Cowboys in 2018 as the tight ends coach. He took over as the quarterbacks coach when McCarthy became head coach in 2020.

“Doug is the consummate professional and brought a level of football insight, enthusiasm and focus to work every day that helped everyone he worked with during his time here with the Cowboys perform at a higher level,” McCarthy said in a statement.

The departures of Moore and Nussmeier were not the Cowboys’ first coaching moves of the offseason. Following the loss to San Francisco, McCarthy announced that six coaches would not be returning to the team: Rob Davis (Assistant Head Coach), George Edwards (Senior Defensive Assistant), Leon Lett (Assistant Defensive Line) Skip Peete (Running Backs), Joe Philbin (Offensive Line), Kyle Valero (Quality Control Analytics).

During a news conference on Thursday, McCarthy was asked about Moore’s status with the team but didn’t elaborate on talks between the two sides.

On that same Thursday, however, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said he would be staying with the Cowboys despite interest from several teams regarding head coaching positions.


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