Dan Quinn Job Interviews and Playoff Prep: Cowboys Coach Explains Why He’s ‘Relaxed’

Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn reveals his thoughts on being considered for head coaching positions with other teams, and scheduling interviews. … while also prepping for the 49ers in Sunday’s playoff showdown.

FRISCO – Dan Quinn is … busy.

The Dallas Cowboys are moving on in the NFL playoffs … which will be followed by the possibility of Quinn moving on as well.

Dallas is about to try to advance beyond the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon. Yet in the middle of all the preparation, defensive coordinator Quinn is being considered for head coaching positions with other teams, and scheduling interviews – including a Friday visit with the Denver Broncos.

So far the Colts and Broncos have come calling, and more could show interest, and this all leads the question: How can Quinn focus on engineering a defense to stop Brock Purdy and the 49ers when his future is at a crossroads?

Our Mike Fisher reported on that the Quinn interview with the Broncos slated for Friday doesn’t mean he will travel to Denver; more logically, as was the case a year ago, Denver bosses will bring the visit to DFW.

That helps. But it doesn’t help enough.

But maybe Quinn’s “pre-prep” does.

Quinn, speaking early Monday morning to CowboysSI.com and other local outlets, addressed the issue of juggling the interview with his game prep.

“I get that it’s a story,” Quinn conceded. “I did the work early. … Back in the spring and the summer, I planned for us to be in the playoffs. So I planned for these conversations if I was fortunate to have them. …

“Doing the work early allows you to really feel relaxed so you don’t have to change.”

Cowboys Nation, of course, hopes there is somehow no change at all.

In 2021 he was hired as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator and led a quick turnaround of a defense that was historically bad the year prior. He’s earned another ride on the Coach Carousel. But maybe the NFL should create a new rule and not allow interviews until after the Super Bowl.

In the meantime? Quinn is a professional, and no one would question his work ethic. But at least for a short time on Friday – organized as he’ll be – Quinn will be working two jobs, in a sense. Cowboys Nation hopes it works out for the best.

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