The Dallas Cowboys have signed Back-up Quarterback Cooper Rush for a two-year deal with 6 million dollars. Massive win for the backup quarterback that helped lead the team early last season.

The Cowboys staff managed to grab a tight hold on their backup after what Rush proved last season when he won 4 out of 5 games to help the Cowboys save their season from certain doom.

Now that they have Rush locked in, how will this deal affect the Cowboys’ upcoming games?

That question can be answered with an “it depends” statement.

The Cowboys may or may not need him, but they are in good hands if anything happens to Quarterback Dak Prescott again. Last season, after suffering a thumb injury near the end of the first game, Cooper Rush was going to take over for multiple weeks.

You all know what occurred next, so no need to explain. Rush has already proved himself to be a really good quarterback, and for single-handedly saving the Cowboys’ entire season last year, he is now a true member of the team.

This also just doesn’t impact the Cowboys, but the entire NFL. There has to be a team or two who were eyeballing Rush throughout the early weeks of last season.

I am sure that Rush would have gotten scooped up by a team who needed a new quarterback if the Cowboys didn’t make a contract with him.

Overall, Rush is a loyal player, and he really loves the atmosphere of Dallas. He is a good leader and a great team player.

The Dallas Cowboys definitely have the best backup quarterback in the entire league for sure. As previously stated, Rush is a player who could start on other teams as their main quarterback, so to see him back is a huge victory.

With the relationship between fans and Dak Prescott, Rush’s signing is just another plus for the Cowboys.

Lots of tension and hate have been revolving around the 7-year quarterback after Prescott couldn’t win against the San Fransisco 49ers in the divisional round playoff game.

Having a backup who has already proved to be a great quarterback and leader is going to come in handy this year due to the problems surrounding Prescott.

Rush has played a total of 19 career games with six starts and has a 5-1 record. He has a 59.0 completion percentage, eight TD passes, and four interceptions for an 84.9 QB rating.

Those are really good stats compared to most backups in the league.

I can’t wait for this season as there are going to be so many exciting factors and decisions that the Dallas Cowboys staff and coaching will have to solve.

Cooper Rush is staying, so the Cowboys’ fanbase can sleep well knowing that a good, solid backup plan is in motion.

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